Our company has services of professional expert in maintenance, preparation and submission of following Records/Returns etc. as per the requirement under EPF & MP Act, 1952.

  • Preparation of document required for registration of an establishment/factory under the Employees’ Provident Fund & Misc. Provisions Act. 1952 and procuring Code Number.
  • Preparation of Register of Eligibility of the employees.
  • Completion of Return of Ownership in Form No. 5A.
  • Preparing of details of employees in Form No. 9 (Revised).
  • Completion of Nomination & Declaration Forms in Form No. 2 (Revised) of the employees.
  • Preparation of declaration by the employees at the time of joining the company in Form No. 11(Revised).
  • Bank Challan prepared for depositing contribution every month under the EPF.
  • Preparation of Monthly return in Form No. 12-A and submission to the Authorities under EPF.
  • Preparation of Monthly return in Form No. 5 under EPF
  • Preparation of Monthly return in Form No. 10 under EPF
  • Preparation of Form No. 3-A showing Monthly Contribution by the employees as well as employer under EPF
  • Preparation of Annual Return in Form No. 6-A with details of the contribution by the employees and employer during the year
  • Support in preparing the data of Annual Return according to the programmed format in Foxpro +”DBF” in a Floppy as per the requirement of the Authorities.
  • Preparation of Monthly return in Form 7(IF) as per the requirement under the EDLI Scheme 1976.
  • Support in preparing and completion of the documents required for PF withdrawal in Forms (19, 10C/10D) and assist employees in having settled
  • Provide support to the employees in transfer of PF accumulation from one office to another completion of Form 13.
  • Provide complete support in drafting the replies to the Correspondence from the P.F Department and liaision
  • Provide support and assistance and attend PF Enforcement Officer for the purpose of inspection of records.Make appearance as a representative of the company before the Authority concerned in the event of the proceedings under section 7-A of the EPF and MP Act 1952.
  • Keep an eagle eye on the changes and amendments carried out in the Act and provide timely guidance and support to the customers from time to time.


  • Having sufficient / excellent, serving all needful information regarding provident fund, new coverage , monthly activities , settlement of claims , PF Transfer etc.
  • PF Adviser is a leading PF Consultant in Delhi-NCR. We are managing PF records with numbers of clients and helping them in any type of PF issue raised. Being the best Consultant , we do the following jobs :


  • Preparing PF Registration papers and obtaining new PF Registration number with in prescribed time.
  • Submitting form no. 5-A (Return of Ownership)
  • Submitting Form no. 9 (Revised)
  • Submission of specimen Signature


  • Collecting necessary information from clients.
  • Preparing Monthly Challans Online.
  • Managing PF Eligibility Register.
  • Maintenance of all statutory Registers required by PF Authorities.
  • Nomination and Declaration in Form no. 2 (Revised of the new Employees)
  • Attending PF Inspector for inspection of records, appearing before the concerned authorities on behalf of the employer in 7-A proceedings under EPF Act.
  • All assessment and Inspection from EPF Department, when required
  • Providing information to clients regarding any amendment / changes in the act immediately.
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • “DBF” Database file in Soft Copy.
  • Assist in issuance of Annual PF A/C Alips.
  • Maintenance of form no. 11 (Declaration form)
  • Correspondence with PF Authorities whenever required
  • Maintenance of Inspection Book.


  • Helping employees in getting their PF amount (Form no 19 and 10 – c )
  • Helping Employees in transferring amount from (Form no. 13) Old PF account to New PF account.
  • Tracking Employees claims and informing them about time to time
  • EPF & Miscellaneous provisions Act is intended to provide many kind of benefits to employees / industrial workers like payment on the age of superannuation, voluntary retirement and retirement due to incapacity to work. There are some aspects of provident Fund – (a) Who is eligible for Provident Fund? (b) Who can apply for Provident Fund?
  • How does Payment and Contributions – (a) List of all benefits. (b) Complete clarification about Contribution. (c) Contribution Rate.
  • Percentage of damages.
  • Provision for Penal.


  • Guidance in preparation of Ledger / Cash Book for the purpose of Balance Sheet.
  • Guidance of maintaining Salary / Wages registers with their attendance etc.
  • Guidance of maintaining records in respect of Contractors / Sub-Contractors / Vendors who works for the Companies / Establishments.