HRTAXLEGAL provide consultancy mainly in Provident Fund (EPF), ESI, Payroll, Salary Processing and Maintaining Records, Labor Law advice, Contact Labour, Bonus Act, and many other related services.

HRTAXLEGAL manage all your issues related to HR, Tax, & Legal in India. We are specialized consulting in maintaining records of PF, ESI, Payroll Processing, Labor Laws, Payment of Wages under Minimum Wages Act and other Acts etc.

We have an efficient team of young professionals and experienced officers from the relate fields. We are a consultancy firm providing end to end solutions to all HR related and statutory obligations, which an employer needs to fulfill. With our team of highly competent and energetic professionals in the guidance of experienced senior officers from various departments. We have clients from almost all the areas for example Private & public sector undertaking, Educational Institutions like Schools, Teaching Institutes, Electronics & IT Industries & Factories, Export Houses, Construction Companies, Builders & Developers, Event & Advertising Agencies, Hospitals & Nursing Homes, Engineering Industries, Service Industries & Security Services, Hotels, Restaurants, & Club Houses, Many More Sectors.

We have seen that companies or their consultants often fail to understand and stay up-to-date with the ever-changing compliance requirements of the complex PROVIDENT FUND, ESIC, PAYROLL and Labor Laws of India correctly and then end up facing legal challenges and penal consequences.

To simplify filing and reporting by companies, we have established a team of professionals that are trained to prevent erroneous filings and maintain proper records in relation to the mandatory PF, ESIC, and Labor Laws of India. Our team includes qualified legal professionals, accountants, and management professionals. On behalf of our team, we can assure you a cost-effective and time-efficient services. We have streamlined processes and up-to-date infrastructure to maintain all records related to EPF / ESIC including PAY-ROLL / SALARY so that your HR, Accounting, and Legal teams can focus on the strategic aspects of your business instead of being burdened with compliance issues.

Further, if you’re already facing any urgent issue related to PF, ESIC, or Labor Laws, we can provide you consultancy and representation for proceedings such as the 7-A / 14-B / TRIBUNAL / HIGH COURT CASES.